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Newspapers in Action Feature

In late November, NIE did a Sunday feature on my recent works and how being an alumni of Florida Atlantic University (Go Owls) has affected me and my career.  We were so flattered by the write up, we included it on the web site. 


Click FAU NIE Career Series from the homepage or click the link

Random Murals
This patio mural was given additional life when we added a waterfall to connect with the painted one.  The water appears to spill right out of the wall
Working on shark
ALOHA from, your home port for gifts of the sea.


Greetings Weary Internet Traveler,

Everything from ORIGINAL PAINTINGS, MURALS, DIORAMAS, and one of a kind SPECIALTY ARTWORK can all be found HERE on D.


When you are through transporting your mind and spirit to far off places while viewing these paintings, take a minute to stop by an ALL NEW D. Bolly Gift and Souvenir Shop! We have everyday items with some images from some of your favorite pieces you see here. Click here to access our NEW GIFT SHOP.

Check back often to see new items and specials, or just drop in to see if Doug will be painting in your "part of the globe". It's all here for your enjoyment.


So sit back, grab a cool, tropical drink and enjoy.


Don't forget to do all you can to help save our Mother Earth, and, as always,

Expect A Miracle!


DBolly Arts, LLC  Apopka, FL



NEW PHOTO GALLERIES!!   (click the links below)

FAU College of Engineering Mural     17 images, updated December 7, 2010

Florida's Wildlife Paintings   9 images, updated December 7, 2010

Dance Paintings     3 images, updated, December 6, 2010

Props and Fabrication     2 NEW GALLERIES! updated December 5, 2010

Extreme Makeover Home Edition   13 images, updated, November 26, 2010

Monthly Coloring Drawing
Kids Corner

Kids can complete in our monthly drawing.

Each month one drawing will be chosen and displayed on our site for all their friends to see. Click here to view the gallery of our sketches that are eligible for the drawing.

Click here to submit yours today!

Doug's Mural Gallery


You may have noticed that all Bass Pro Shops photo galleries have been removed from this site.  I apologize to those of you that religiously came here looking for what new and dynamic work we have been doing.  I am extremely proud of the work we do and have had great joy in sharing it, however, due to unforeseen circumstances, we have removed all photos from our web sites to eliminate any potential problems.  I hope to one day be able to share these with you again, but in the meantime, I simply say, "I'm sorry".  Check "Doug's Resume" and visit one of the Bass Pro Shops listed to experience it firsthand.  Our stores are worth seeing!

Thank you for your loyalty, and, as always, "Expect Miracles".

Random Artwork
Acrylic  40 x 30<br/><br/>The theory of Atlantis alone conjures up images of a fabulous civilization that was far beyond its years. A kingdom once filled with lush gardens and advanced technology that one day mysteriously vanished into the sea it so appreciated and adored.
In 360 B.C., Plato stated, “… in a single day and night of misfortune, the island of Atlantis disappeared into the depths of the sea”. This was all it took for a planet of people to search for thousands of years.
Just where was this lost island?
Did it really exist, or was it a story that ended up being history’s greatest wild goose chase?
I feel it did exist, and still does for that matter. Images in my mind make it nothing short of heavenly. Whenever I depict Atlantis, I show it in what its current state might be, complete with new residents. I also leave hidden (some not so hidden) clues and theories to Atlantis and its history; Egyptian architecture and hieroglyphics, Bermuda’s Road to Atlantis, sometimes even Plato himself makes and appearance.
Lucky for us, until someone finds it, we can close our eyes and journey there any time we like.
Acrylic  24 x 36<br/><br/>I've always had a deep fascination with shipwrecks. They seem to tell stories long after their glory days have ended, only to hold more in their infinite afterlife.
Acrylic  24 x 36<br/><br/>
The warmth of a dolphin's smile far exceeds even the warmth of the morning sun's first light.
This was a piece that was custom designed with a client. Her love of dolphins and request for a sunrise was all I needed to hear.
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