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Doug Bolly

Artist/Prop Fabrication


 Doug Bolly began his career creating realistic portrayals of marine and
 wildlife in masterfully crafted environments of perspective and light.
He has participated in many exhibitions and presented several one-man
shows with the mission of raising awareness of the environment.

In 2002, Bolly accomplished a memorable feat by creating life-size murals
on the wheel houses of two coastal freighters. As part of Palm Beach
County's Artificial Reef program, they were sunk to create the Governor's
Riverwalk Reef off of Lake Worth Inlet, FL. A first, being "undersea
murals" designed to be viewed by scuba divers.

In late 2010, Bolly was invited back to his alma mater, Florida Atlantic
University, to create a strikingly beautiful wildlife mural displayed on
the first floor of the College of Engineering. Upon his return to the
University, Doug was inducted as the first Bachelor of Fine Arts alum into
the FAU Alumni Hall of Fame, based on outstanding performance in his

For many years he travelled the United States and Canada with Bass Pro
Shops, creating large scale murals and building life-sized dioramas
depicting wildlife in their natural surroundings. Doug has also created
collaborative sculptural and creative works for numerous attractions at
all four parks at Walt Disney World Resort, as well as Disney Cruise Line,
Disney Vacation Club, Walt Disney Imagineering, Mars Candy Corporation,
both Universal Studios Orlando and Japan, Busch Gardens, and has also
created themed concepts, and helped build them, for Extreme Makeover: Home
Edition. Most recently he has been assisting Walt Disney Imagineering with in field art direction for props, artwork, and even foliage in some new and expanded areas.


Since 2013 he has also been creating works for the Art of Disney Galleries as a Disney Fine Artist. Since childhood, he has always had a love for everything Disney that has never faded away. A small boy who dreamed of being an Imagineer or
animator, his admiration for Walt and his dreams still holds strong. He
has no shame in admitting that every weekend is still spent in Disney parks.
In fact, that may be him in line with you, thinking about what the next
painting will be!

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