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My dad was my first tiki inspiration. He was a carver from the Dick Dale/Beach Blanket Bingo/Elvis Hawai'i era. Taught me to carve at 15 and we would sit and jam to 60s beach music and carve together. My 16th bday was at Mai-Kai Restaurant and Polynesian Show and the rest was history. I was hooked.Fast forward to the social media days and my first 2 inspirations were the whimsy of Tiki Tony and authenticity/badassery of Gecko'z carved boards and mugs. Since they were the first 2 that inspired me later in life I reached out for their blessing in giving me some of their favorites to include in a new piece. They were gracious to help. I was honored!!!

Of course my close friendship and current work with fast up and comer Oakwash made it a clear choice to include his faves too.

Put it all together, add a hula girl bobble, some Pua style TeakiTiles, our pal Shaka the gecko and I really feel we have a winner on our hands!

This print is done in our special Direct to Bamboo style. The artwork has been expertly transferred using a technique that allows the texture of the real bamboo to show through without taking away the beauty of the art; a melding of art and natural texture in one.

"Bruddahs..." is framed in an 11 "x 18" faux dark bamboo which compliments the work and gives a refined tiki/tropical feel. Wired on the back for instant hanging, it can be enjoyed immediately upon unpacking!

All Da Bruddahs In Da Hale (Direct to Bamboo)

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