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My dad was my first tiki inspiration. He was a carver from the Dick Dale/Beach Blanket Bingo/Elvis Hawai'i era. Taught me to carve at 15 and we would sit and jam to 60s beach music and carve together. My 16th bday was at Mai-Kai Restaurant and Polynesian Show and the rest was history. I was hooked.Fast forward to the social media days and my first 2 inspirations were the whimsy of Tiki Tony and authenticity/badassery of Gecko'z carved boards and mugs. Since they were the first 2 that inspired me later in life I reached out for their blessing in giving me some of their favorites to include in a new piece. They were gracious to help. I was BEYOND honored!!! Of course I included a longtime friend and fast rising mug star, Oakwash, with some of his early faves and our collaborative mug of KOLOHE!!!

Put it all together, add a hula girl bobble, some Pua style TeakiTiles, our pal Shaka the gecko and I really feel we have a winner on our hands!

This is the ORIGINAL painting, one of a kind, and measures a good 10"x20" before framing.

The frame is a dark bamboo measuring 16.5"x26", double matted, and ready to hang in your home, office, tiki bar, or whereever you want to bring the tiki vibe into you life!!! 

All Da Bruddahs in Da Hale (Original Art)

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