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Before the QuaranTiki Collection was even a thing, a simple sea turtle brought me a sense of peace, purpose, and helped me find myself again. The world had shut down for quarantine, all my Disney work had stopped (obviously) and I had kind of lost my sense of professional direction.
I sat down and painted a sea of my favorite and most requested things to paint in my "former life" before Disney and a daily grind. For years people had asked me to paint them again, but life and deadlines always got in the way. But now there was nothing but time. It was with this renewed excitement for what my heart wanted me to paint, not my deadlines, that Friendly Traveler came to life.

Green sea turtles have always been one of my favorite sea creatures so it was no surprise he was the first thing I painted when I sat down in front of a blank canvas; with tropical music on and only my heart to guide me. It was symbolic because he is swimming with nothing specific, just an open vastness of possiblities in front of him. I was so thrilled to have painted "for me" that I posted it online to share. Not ever the intent, but it was my fan base that encouraged me to start selling the art that I was creating for myself. And with that the QuaranTiki Collection was born.

This is the original painting that started it all (again!). The Friendly Traveler original painting measures 10"x15.5". The framed size is 16.5"x22" and is ready to hang!

Friendly Traveler Original Art

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