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Tropical ukulele, slack guitar or steel drums playing in the background, the salty breezes blowing off of tranquil seas and a slow pace of life is what the Kolohe Lithopane represents. He is an unassuming white carving that appears to be a sculpture or a large pillar candle, but feels like it COMES TO LIFE when ILLUMINATED from the inside!


Every detail of the original painting, including every brushstroke and wraparound bamboo texture, all glow with a warm sepia tone and the mood is set!!!! 

This fun tiki cylindrical lithopane stands a-glowing at 13.5 inches tall and is 4 inches wide. A removable, textured bamboo top and bottom cap make changing batteries a quick job so you can get back to your Mai Tai before a gecko knocks it over (*see "Mai Tai, Your Tai" in our shop to reveal the inside joke!) 

Each lithopane is handmade per order!! These are selling FAST!!

Features of the Color Changing Lithopane:

-13.5" tall by 4" wide
-3D visual effect

-Remote Controlled
-13 Color Changing Dimmable LED, including white

-Multi funciton remote features, one color on, multi color change, fade and more

-Batteries included

Add this tiki lithopane to your home, office, tiki bar, even a bedside nightstand, or any space you wish to bring the serenity of the islands to.


Kolohe Lithopane Lamp (13 Color Changeable)

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