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A true classic has been released from the vault!

The original Kolohe painting is now available, and more shocking, he is framed with the original concept sketch. This is a rare occurrence since I dont normally draw full concepts, I usually just do a number of doodles. What makes this one even cooler is that the original concept sketch was for a night setting, not the day setting I ended up producing. (Who knows, I may have to do the night version one day!)

The Kolohe tiki design has really become something synonymous with the DBolly brand. From the company logo and numerous art offerings; he even inspired a mug line produced by Oakwash!!

The original painting measures 8"x10" as does the original sketch. Together, these one of a kind pieces are framed in our classic dark bamboo and measures an impressive 14.25" x 20.75". Not too small, not overbearing, but just the right size to showcase a rare D Bolly classic!

Kolohe Original Painting plus Concept Sketch (SOLD)

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