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This piece comes with so much tribute. As you know, my dad taught me the art of tiki carving at a young age. Tikis meant a lot to us. My dad also LOVED growing his pineapples. They are the most golden sweet pineapples you will EVER eat!! I named this pineapple carving fella, Kale (pronounced Kah-Leh), meaning Charles, after my dad! Who knows, maybe I have a new character to play with.

Ive always wanted to do a Halloween themed piece (I have tons of ideas!) but life always gets in the  way, and usually it's too late!! A long time ago, my son said "I think you should do a cartoon style tiki carving a tiki". That idea has stuck with me for a long time now.....brewing and stewing in my brain.

This year all those ideas collided, I made the time, and here we are! An idea inspired by my son, a comical tribute to my dad, and me finally doing a Halloween piece! My mom agrees, dad wouldve loved this one.

I hope you all do too!

This 8x10 petite print is in an 11x14 mat ready to frame and hang
Other mat choices available upon request. Just attach a message for me at checkout!

Let's Get Lit

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