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Something new and different, Ive taken an authentic Hawaiian ipu drum and given it a twist. Inspired by the amazing photography of Peter Richards, "Mahalo Ke Akua" (Thanks be to God) shows a hula kahiko dancer in traditional ti leaf skirt and maile haku (headpiece), lei, and kupe'e (anklets). The dancer is in a pose that expresses appreciation and giving thanks to Akua (God).

This authentic ipu drum measures 13" tall by 9" wide. An ipu is a percussion instrument made from a hollowed gourd that creates the beat for traditional hula.

The "Mahalo Ke Akua" hand painted ipu also comes embellished with an authentic faux floral dancer's kupe'e (anklet) adorning the gourd's neck.

This item can be displayed on a flat surface or hang by the attached wrist strap. This ipu can also still be used as a drum if so desired.

Again, this piece is one of a kind and no exact copies will be made again

"Mahalo Ke Akua" Hand Painted Ipu

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