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This is the one and only original painting and sketch for one of my most popular pieces! A mix of tropical with the animated style I often reserve for only my Disney work. In fact, the sketch was done one day while I was signing at Epcot Festival of the Arts. A gentleman carrying wayyy too many drinks helped himself to using my signing table as a place for he and his family to eat and drink despite the line of collectors we had. (The whole story is on my social media....check it out! Good for a laugh! LOL)

OPPORTUNISTIC depicts a crazy but lazy day at the beachside tiki bar, and our new pal, Pili, is taking a well deserved break from his hectic life!! Can you blame him? Our unfortunate, sweet waitress, Napua, on the other hand, never could have predicted what kind of day she would be having when she got to work!! She definitely deserves Employee of the month!!!! Why not pull up a chair and spend some time with Pili and Napua and order a drink? Speaking of drinks, any (all?) of those 4 mugs look familiar to you? (When tiki mugs become Easter Eggs!)

This original painting is 10" x 16" the sketch is 6.5" x 5.5", and once framed, it all measures a good 15.5" x 28"!! That size, surely makes it a happy tropical focal point to any space!!


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