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One of the most recognized of tropical flowers the Pua Melia (Plumeria) instantly soothes your spirits and brings beauty to all it graces; your garden, your table, or even the wearer, whether in a lei or placed delicately in your hair.


This print is done in our special Direct to Bamboo style. The artwork has been expertly transferred using a technique that allows the texture of the real bamboo to show through without taking away the beauty of the art; a melding of art and natural texture in one.


Pua Melia Direct to Bamboo comes framed in a 12" x 15" faux dark bamboo which compliments the work and gives a refined tiki/tropical feel. Wired on the back for instant hanging, it can be enjoyed immediately upon unpacking!

Pua Melia - Direct to Bamboo

SKU: 422111148578
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