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Under the Waves is a new collection that gives us the vantage point that we sea when we are "knee deep in the water somewhere", looking over the edge of a boat, or sitting on a surfboard and looking down into the miraculous world below us!!

The first in this series is Under the Waves (Green Sea Turtle).

This 3D element is multi-layered acrylic, framed in a deep shadowbox frame, giving the full effect of looking through the foam!! Top layer of acrylic is the ocean foam, the middle layer is the turtle swimming just underneath you, and the deepest layer is the sandy bottom!! It feels like you are actually there!!!

This collectible shadowbox art piece measures 12" x 15" x 2" and comes wired and ready to hang. The shadowbox is a high quality aged dark wood which really sets off the tropical colors and unique markings of my favorite turtle species, the Green Sea Turtle (in his natural habitat....under the sea)

This image is the prototype and preorders have already begun! Shipping begins early July!!

Under The Waves -Turtle (3D ELEMENT)

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