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Hope ('Ohi'a Lehua) was created in the middle of the night, Good Friday 2020, as a "quick painted doodle" inspired by the troubled time of pandemic fears, business and school closings, and general uncertainty. Intended just for my own therapeutic release, it reached such great outpouring of praise on social media, people wanting to own it as well. I felt we needed to share it.


Here is my original post on Instagram that accompanied the piece:



"When volcanoes erupt they leave behind miles and miles of a hardened black vast nothing lava field, that states nothing other than void, darkness, and destruction...certainly not hope.

The 'ohi'a lehua however sees hope and opportunity. The first life to return to that vastness digs its roots as deep down as it needs to go, finds its source, and not only resurrects from the ashes, growing and inspiring, but also by helping other nature to start rebuilding. Now it doesn't just do it plainly.... It does it with boldness and beauty....with beautiful bright red flowers!

I see similarities to what our world is experiencing now; how we can look with hope and blossom greatly after. This also parallels this Easter weekend, when centuries ago on Good Friday all seemed lost and barren but soon all that changed, giving hope and new life." -Doug


This print is reproduced on renewable hardboard similar what all my originals are painted on. Almost an exact replica of the real thing! It is mounted onto a real bamboo woven backing and then framed in a 12"x 15" faux dark bamboo, which compliments the work and gives it a refined tropical feel. Wired on the back for instant hanging to hopefully bring joy and hope to your home.

"Hope" ('Ohi'a Lehua)

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